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Monolingual African language publications

An k'an miiriya lahɔrɔnya (Decolonising the Mind). 2000. Ngugi wa Thiong'o. $10.00
Bamanankan Daɲɛgafe (1994) Kassim Kone. 2nd Edition. (Monolingual Bambara dictionary) $25.00
Bamanan Ntalenw 1177 (1994) Kassim Kone $17.50
Bɛlɛdugu Muruti (1994) Kassim Kone (The story of the Beledugu revolution against the French; the Beledugu region was one of the very last areas of Mali to come under French domination) $10.00
Ntɛnntɛn (1993) Kassim Kone (more than one hundred children's riddles and responses) $8.00
Sirabara (1992) the late Brehima Wulalɛ (a biography of Nacɛ Kulubali, who was a traditional healer whom the author knew as a child; Nacɛ heals bodies, minds and souls) $8.00
Zirinw ni Manaw (1994) Kassim Kone (151 pages) $8.00
Kowɗol Fowru (1995) Sammba Tarawore $5.00
Kabuverdianu (Kriolu):
Kuza-ma-Kuza (1988) J.J.R. Pires ku J. Hutchison (a collection of more than 200 Capeverdean Kriolu children's riddles with answers separated) $7.50
Mahaman Tindirma: "Sanba Jom Erdi nda Boolo Oole", written by Youssouf Haidara, 1995 $7.50

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Bilingual materials for language learning:

Bamanan Ntalenw 1177 (1994) Kassim Kone (1177 Bamanan proverbs with English translation and notes on usage) $22.50
Zirinw ni Manaw (1994) Kassim Kone (a collection of more than 25 Bambara folktales written and translated by Kassim Kone) $15.00
Jan Bernsten and Albert Natsa, Zvidzidzo Zvekutanga Chishona (An Introduction to Shona) $16.00
Kabuverdianu (Kriolu):
Disonariu Kriolu (2nd edition, 1994) J.J.R. Pires ku J.P. Hutchison. $8.00
Kuza ma Kuza J.J.R.Pires ku J. Hutchison. $7.50
Citaabo Soŋay-Annasaara ¸senni (Lexique Soŋay-Français). 1994. Haïara, Youssouf Mohamed, Youssouf Billo Maïga, Mohamed Bagna Maïa and John Hutchison., Bamako: M.E.N. DNAFLA et IPN, Section Langues Nationales. $15.00
Maiga Oumar Mamadou, et al. "Yaasayey So√ay" (Songhay proverbs) 1995. $5.00
Chaibou Dambagi, etc. Littahin karatun Hausa na ɗaliban Jami'ar Boston a ƙasar Nijar, 1995 $7.50
A Reference Grammar of the Kanuri Language (1981) John P. Hutchison $35.00
Alhaji Jabang, Gambiya Mandinka Kankotomaalu $7.50
A. Sawadg ne A. Sisawo, Gom-pagd Wïgsgo $7.50

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Resources relevant to the status of the languages of Africa

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Noteworthy African Culture and Language Documents

Guy Immega: Buduma Culture of Lake Chad
Guy Immega with model
 papyrus boat built by Buduma boatbuilder
Biography: Guy Immega is a retired aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, living in Vancouver, Canada. His company, Kinetic Sciences Inc. built experimental robots for the space station, robots to clean up nuclear waste and miniature fingerprint sensors for cell phones. In 2005, he sold the corporate intellectual property to a Californian company. Since that time he has authored several books and nonfiction essays.
During the period of 1966-68, Guy served in the Peace Corps in Niger, Africa. He was stationed in N'Guigmi, 700 kilometers from the nearest road, on the shores of Lake Chad. He worked on a Peace Corps medical team and resurrected a hospital abandoned by the French.
In addition to vaccinating Toubou nomads in a local smallpox epidemic in 1967, he undertook a survey of schistosomiasis (a parasitic disease in Lake Chad). While on Lake Chad, he came into contact with the Buduma people.
Donations to benefit the Buduma people and their culture can be made to the Friends of Niger (FON) at this website. Contributors should mention the Buduma when donating.
The iBook version (for the iPad) of this document is available on the Apple Book Store website and contains better photographs, music files and hyperlinks.
The Buduma Culture of Lake Chad, by Guy Immega (pdf, 13.5 MB)

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