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teardrop earrings

Teardrop-shaped earrings from a Touareg silversmith in the Republic of Niger.

$20 per pair

$50 for 3 pairs

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Touareg Medallion Batiks

batik batik batik batik batik

Purchase of these fabrics will support Nigerien artists and artisans

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About the sale

Mother Tongue Editions announces the sale of Touareg Medallion Batiks for the purpose of fundraising in support of Nigerien artists and artisans. Each batik depicts the entire 21-medallion inventory representing the major Touareg towns of Niger, including:

Batik artist Adamou Issoufou

The photographs that I am able to provide you with do not do them justice, and are simply meant to give you an idea of what the batiks look like.

Adamou Issoufou

The Nigerien artist who has produced these beautiful batiks is Adamou Issoufou. He is shown here with some of his work in the photographs that were provided by Yazi Dogo recently.

Adamou Issoufou was born in Niamey in 1984, and he went through an apprenticeship in batik design and fabrication at the Musée National du Niger in Niamey from 1999 to 2004. He was the student of Tahirou Adamou, Batik artist.

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The Malam's Briefcase

Malam's Briefcase

MTE announces the arrival from Niger of The Malam's Briefcase. The case contains two large zippered pockets, and three open pouches, attractive leather latches. Perfect for carrying tablet or laptop. The briefcases are made by Boubacar Moussa, leather artisan at Niger's National Museum of Niamey.

Profits from the sale of this item are donated to benefit the artists and artisans of the Republic of Niger.

Price: $100

Boubacar Moussa at his sewing machine

Boubacar Moussa was born in 1962 in Malay (Madaoua) near Tahoua in the Republic of Niger. He completed the preparatory level of primary school there. He then moved to Niamey and enrolled in a training course in leather work (maroquinerie) with Monsieur Hachimou Abdou. He has worked as a leather worker specializing in briefcases since 1980 at the National Museum of Niamey.

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